If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I LOVE FLAMING HOT CHEETOS. I grew up on those bad boys. I would run to the corner store and buy a bag of them with a little blue (or red) juice every single day when I was in elementary school.

 Me and flaming hot Cheetos — any kind (regular, with limón, fries, puffs) — are in a committed relationship. But the one thing that breaks my heart is when they stain my fingers, making me look like I just murdered somebody. 

However, there is a hack that will make that problem a thing of the past.

"Hot Cheetos Fingers" are a thing, people — and it's a love/hate relationship when you have them.

On one hand, it's like, "hell yeah, I ate these mouth-watering chips, and my red-stained fingers are a badge of honor."

But on the other, it's a dead giveaway of something you sometimes don't want people knowing about — think of your red fingers as "chismosas" telling the whole world about your snack sins.

What if you have an interview? Maybe you have a nail appointment and want your manicure to look flawless?

#hotcheetofingers ????????

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Getting it out of your skin is NO JOKE. 

So what if I told you the struggle could be avoided all together?

I can't believe it took me this long to figure out this genius hack that will forever change the game: USING CHOPSTICKS TO EAT YOUR HOT CHEETOS.

I thought I was living under a rock, but when I put a photo on my Instagram of myself eating my guilty pleasure with chopsticks, I realized a lot of people didn't know about it, either. 

They were ready to be about this life.

I wish I could say I figured this out on my own, but I actually learned it from one of my favorite YouTubers, Jenn Im — aka "clothesencounters."

"Obviously, gotta use the chopsticks to make sure that your knuckles and your fingers do not get red. It's so embarrassing when I go get my nails done and they're stained red because of Cheetos," she said in her video.

It's as if all my prayers have been answered. 

She's been doing it for so long that her followers gift her with bags of Cheetos and chopsticks.

She's the real MVP!

But guess who else has done it? Óscar Isaac Hernández Estrada.

I don't know how long Im or Estrada have been doing it for — I just can't believe I've been so behind.

Let me tell you something: After trying this out, there's no looking back.

Unless I want a little bit of that red finger nostalgia, of course.