We know that a true elote is sacred and should not be messed with. People thought the unicorn elote was straight up disrespectful, they didn't know how to feel about the deep-fried elote, and the elote pizza wasn't something they were raving about, either.

But what if we told you there could be an exception when it comes to giving the almighty elote a makeover? 

Meet the Mexielote:


Southern California snack shop Swirl Fiesta debuted its brilliant creation on social media. The corn on the cob has its traditional ingredients, but is topped off with Flamin' Hot Cheetos on one end with Takis cucumber and habanero "Zombie" chips on the other.

It's meant to look like the Mexican flag, and it's just so... beautiful.

We know it's extra AF, but in all the right ways.

Mexielote ???? #swirlfiesta #mexielote

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Yes, you can get the Mexielote in a cup, too.

Unfortunately, Swirl Fiesta says it'll only have it until the end of September *but* it looks like other eateries will be serving it up, too.

We're keeping our fingers crossed that it can be a permanent item.

*BRB, booking our trip to California ASAP*

Come get our new MEXIelote and MEXIesquite ????????????????

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