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If you grew up in a traditional Mexican household, you're probably used to watching abuela shell out several tamales a minute. (Seriously, the woman is a machine.) So you'll be thrilled to know this company has now created a much stronger strain of the beloved meal.

California-based company The Original Tamales de Cana creates "all natural corn husk hand rolled blunts" – because who doesn't want to smoke out of crop?

By the looks of the company's Instagram, it originally created the blunts in 2016.

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The blunts, as the company explains, have a special flavor from the husk.

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"With our tamales all you taste is the flavors you put in it. You can smell the corn husk burning at times," it explained in an Instagram comment. "It is a great slow, clean burning wrap. @trasrollingco is our wrap provider. Check them out for more info on the husk wrap. And thanks for the support."

The company uses the hilarious hashtag #NotYourAbuelitasTamales, but the blunts are basically tiny replicas of what she used to serve.

If you're not already sold on the idea, the corn husk blunts are much healthier than other papers AND are more environmentally friendly.

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Yay for smoking a natural earth-grown product and for these tamale-obsessed products!