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For many South Americans, it can be difficult to find restaurants in Los Angeles that specialize in serving dishes of their home country. Thanks to the boom of Peruvian cuisine, this familiar scenario is changing worldwide. Peruvian gastronomy has been rated among the best in the world. Even a Peruvian restaurant tops the list of the best restaurants in the world, so it is normal that such a multicultural city like L.A. has adapted to this trend and as a result we see a greater supply of Peruvian restaurants. These are six restaurants specializing in Peruvian food that you must try.

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Chio’s Peruvian Grill

Chio’s Peruvian Grill opened in Van Nuys on 2014 by Chef Dante Balarezo, a Peruvian immigrant and the perfect example of the American dream. He is also known for his past television show. 

At Chio’s you can try popular Peruvian dishes such as papa a la huacaina, lomo saltado, and one of their specialties, la copa, mixed seafood Peruvian ceviche.



At Takatis, you’ll love everything on their menu — especially their famous rotisserie chicken. They also offer traditional dishes as causa rellena, arroz chaufa, jalea de mariscos, and Peruvian ceviche.


Mario’s Peruvian & Seafood

Mario's Peruvian & Seafood is one of the most popular Peruvian restaurants in Los Angeles, where you can taste popular dishes, desserts, and drinks from Peru. Among the most famous is the chicha morada, delicious aji sauce, the parihuela (a yummy seafood soup), lomo saltado, and fried chicken.


Los Balcones

Even though, Los Balcones is proud to serve authentic Peruvian food, the style of this place has a way more modern look than the other restaurants mentioned. The food is as amazing as the presentation of their dishes and cocktails. They made some of their own Pisco Sour and they even have a "Pisco society" that you can join.


Mamita Peruvian Restaurant

Mamita Peruvian Restaurant is located in Glendale, surrounded by car dealerships, so it’s very easy to drive by and not to see it, plus their exterior is very plain – the opposite of their food. The menu is extensive and like the majority of Peruvian restaurants, they’ll serve your aji sauce and bread while you wait for your order.



Picca is an eclectic restaurant that serves modern Peruvian cuisine with a Japanese flair and used to be one of the restaurants managed by chef Ricardo Zarate which may explain why you may see a fusion of their flavors and gastronomies. Their concept of their menu is family-style dining, where you usually order a bunch of small dishes and share them with your friends.