SOS: A pink horchata exists, so all other cute-looking drinks can go home now. K, thanks, bye.

No, but really, California tea shop Teaquation Cafe is serving up the millennial pink Latin drink of our dreams.

It's called the "Latitude Zero" and it's almost too pretty to drink, OK?!

According to Hello Giggles, it's made the traditional way — yes, with cinnamon and rice milk — but it also includes prickly pear juice, which gives it the blush-toned color we can't stop obsessing over.

Horchata is already delicious as is, but can you imagine looking down and seeing something magical like this?

It's not the first time that Teaquation Cafe has made people fall head over heels for the pink horchata, either.

The cafe threw some major shade at Starbucks when it debuted its Unicorn Frappuccino. On its Facebook, it wrote, "No wonder people stopped believing in Unicorns. You make them not as magical as they seem. To our beloved Teaholics, ask our Lead barista Roy to make you our all-natural new special "Latitude ZERO". It's our version of Horchata!"

You gotta respect a company that knows that its stuff is good.

But it looks like it isn't the only one with a pink horchata on its menu.

Zero Degrees — a drink franchise in California and Oregon — has a strawberry horchata that looks just as drool-worthy.

Listen, the more access we have to pink horchatas, the better. We all deserve to experience the gloriousness of it all.

So if you live near a location that serves them, let us know if it tastes as good as it looks, porfis.