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Not since Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham” has there been such frenzy over strangely colored food. Yep, what seemingly started with a few multicolored bagels in New York City, has turned into a full-blown craze over, wait for it, rainbow food.

(Don’t worry, we were equally as confused).

It looks like all began back in October, when The Bagel Store, an artisan bagel shop in Brooklyn, New York, had people posting photos one of their wild, multicolored sandwiches all over social media. It wasn’t long before this bagel shop ended up on Today, and well, like they say, the rest is history.

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Today, one quick look on social media proves that everyone – and we mean everyone – has jumped on the rainbow food train, showing off some of the most strangely creative culinary creations we’ve seen yet.

Of course, just because you technically have the option to feast on a rainbow-colored grilled cheese, doesn’t mean that everyone is into it. 

In fact, in a recent article called, “Rainbow Foods Are the Worst,” one writer for GQ magazine said, “ None of these foodstuffs look appealing, especially if you happen to be over the age of eight.” He added, “I don’t need any other dish out there to be laced with fifty gallons of cancerous food coloring.”

He also took to social media to share the following sentiments.

Hmm, we can’t say we completely disagree. But the rainbow food craze is still going strong. In fact, here are six foods that have already received multicolored transformations.


The bagel sandwich


The grilled cheese sandwich


The donut

Sweet and multi-colored.


The latte

This we could get into.


The pizza

A colorful twist on an old classic.


The fudge

Is this really better than traditional chocolate? We're not sure.