The gentrification of avocados has officially peaked, thanks to a recent spike in hand injuries related to removing the fruit's stone in the UK.

According to The Times, it's gotten so bad that doctors have even coined the term "avocado hand" to describe “serious stab and slash injuries that are the result of failed attempts to penetrate the fruit’s hard outer casing with a sharp knife before encountering a resistant inner stone.”

Source: The Times

While doctors have floated the idea of putting warning labels on avocados, the UK press is pointing toward British grocery chain Marks and Spencer for a far more ridiculous solution. A food technology specialist told The Guardian the brand will be "launching the holy grail of avocados—stoneless.”

Source: The Guardian

We can't make this stuff up!

This avocado abomination is grown in Spain and is only available in December, which means there will only be limited quantities available. So really, it's not a permanent solution for those who can't handle the fruit.

And while the M&S specialist recommends having the stoneless avocado fried, we prefer them roasted via Twitter.

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h/t: Remezcla