If you're a living, breathing person in NYC with a hankering for good Colombian food, you know all about the Arepa Lady – the famous Maria Piedad Cano – located in Queens.

Cano started her business as a street food stand, which later expanded to a brick-and-mortar location. Earlier this year, the restaurant was forced to close its doors due to permitting issues.

The areperia finally found a new spot in the same neighborhood to set up shop, but it turns out it's not free to serve what it pleases.

A Starbucks location close to the Colombian restaurant has dictated that it can't serve coffee because it's a "connected storefront."

According to the restaurant's original website, it was already accustomed to selling coffee, tea, and a few other beverages, so the ban may take a toll on the business. (Luckily, though, the arepas are popular enough to have lines out the door... )

Don't worry – the Arepa Lady has an alternate plan, and it's much more fun than coffee.

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The restaurant is reportedly seeking a liquor license to serve beer, wine, and alcohol alongside its delish arepas. 

Starbucks is probably nervous about the restaurant's competition, but it hasn't exactly stayed in its own lane, either.

The chain recently put an avocado spread on its menus and just announced the launch of Mercato – a new line of fresh lunches, including a Cuban sandwich.

So, who's really to blame here?