Starbucks can't stop, won't stop with the Halloween-themed drinks. First, it debuted a Zombie Frappuccino made of green caramel apple powder and "whipped brains," and now, the coffee chain is teasing us with a super bloody Vampire Frappuccino.

The Vampire Frappuccino features mocha sauce, a layer of whipped cream, and more layers of mocha frappe and strawberry puree.

There's actually two versions of the vampire for you to choose from: the Mr. Vampire Frappuccino, which has chocolate-y cereal layered on top, and the Mrs. Vampire Frappuccino, which has sweet vanilla added to the drink. Both, of course, are topped with extra whipped cream and a drizzle of "blood."

Unfortunately, the drink isn't available in the US — yet.

The bloody concoction is reportedly only for sale in four countries – the UK, Singapore, Norway, and Sweden.

There is hope that Starbucks in the US will put the new frapp on menus.

Just last year, the chain brought back the Frappula frappuccino for a few days before Halloween. And if not, who says you can't enjoy a vampire drink for Christmas?