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Fruits being sold at a farmer' market
Between hectic mornings and sawed-off evenings it’s easy to forget that our bodies function based on what we feed them. We tend to snack and eat foods that fill the void but aren’t all that great when it comes to the nutritious benefits. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, they say, but why limit ourselves to apples, oranges, and bananas?

Latin America is vastly filled with tropical and exotic super-foods that contain the nutrients we need to stay healthy and look beautiful (as if you weren’t already). These are super-foods that also involve many other uses such as losing weight, treating colds, and preventing acne to name a few. 

We could provide you with a list of all fruits and vegetables and their benefits but we thought it be best to share some of our favorites for now. The three super foods below originate from Mexico, Central and South America and are available in the U.S.! These foods are easy to use in recipes, make into smoothies, and their nutritional benefits will have you feeling and looking good!