3 Super-Foods from Latin America That Will Keep You Healthy and Beautiful


Chayote fruit
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Chayote (also known as pear squash) is a fruit similar to squash and pumpkins and although it may not sound familiar is actually popular in Mexican and Latin American dishes. Its taste is that of a mild, sweet flavor that can be enjoyed as a fresh juice, a tasty Chayotes Rellenos recipe, or simply raw in salads. 

Did we mention how chayotes rellenos are oh so good?! Besides being delightful in taste chayote contains Vitamins C, B9, and B2 which help can help you fend off that pesky cold that’s been going around in the office and in building red blood cells to keep your body energetic and anemic-free. It also contains antioxidant flavonoids that help to destroy harmful free radicals making this a top-notch cancer-preventing food.

In the spirit of keeping those resolutions to get healthy, chayote also makes for a smart midday snack as it is a fruit rich in dietary fiber that provides hunger satisfaction for long periods of time. Extra perk: It’s also low in calories so you don’t have to worry about your calorie intake! 

One of our favorite beauty reasons to eat chayote is for its ability to prevent acne as it has Zinc, which is proven to affect hormones that regulate the oil within the skin. Now we’re talking!
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