Who doesn't absolutely love tacos? I mean, they can be filled with anything from chicken to pork to fish and can be topped with salsa, cebolla, or whatever you fancy. And yes, we know that tacos have come a long way since introduced to Texas and California in the 1900s, but we wondered what a real taco from Mexico tasted like . . . so we packed our bags and went straight to the source: Mexico City. 

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After A LOT of research (foodies are about that life) and suggestions from friends (thank you!), we decided to go to Taqueria Los Cocuyos near the historic center of Mexico City. We tried the campechano taco, which is made up of suadero (thin cut of beef from the intermediate part of the cow) and longaniza (a sausage similar to chorizo), which are all delicious and super succulent. The best part was, Mario — or the Taco Master, as I now refer to him as — broke down what makes a real taco. That's right: With more than two decades under his belt making tacos at this taqueria, you better believe he knows what he's talking about. 

Taqueria Los Cocuyos: Calle Bolivar 54, Centro Histórico, Centro, DF

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