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El Día De Los Reyes is quickly approaching (January 6), and I have a confession: I’ve NEVER celebrated the holiday! After much needed research, I’ve learned that the holiday marks the arrival of the three kings who traveled to visit baby Jesus. After 12 days of travel, the kings presented Jesus with symbolic gifts. 
Spain and most of Latin America celebrates the holiday by gathering with family and friends. And, just like baby Jesus, kids traditionally receive gifts! I was deprived! I usually find any reason to host, and a fabulous holiday, inclusive of getting together with family, friends, and gift-giving is my kind of celebration!  

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So this year, I’m taking my Puerto Rican family for a whirl and hosting my very first one. I’m even attempting to cook some traditional recipes to pay true tribute to the day. Here’s what I’m making: First up, Rosca de Reyes! This sweet bread is the most widely served dish on El Día De Los Reyes. So if I’m going to pay tribute to the holiday, then why not start here? Plus anything described as “sweet, pastry-like bread” is my kind of food. 

Next up, Pozole in Red Chile. This traditional Mexican stew made of pork and lots of spices seems like the perfect comfort food to serve alongside my Rosca De Reyes. I’d even dare to dunk some of that sweet bread into my soup. Sounds heavenly!  

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Lastly, to complement my dishes, Mexican hot chocolate — something warm to drink on what should be a pretty cold January day. This particular hot chocolate, made with cinnamon, makes me nostalgic, as I’ve been drinking it since I was a kid. Cannot wait!