PSA: Unicorns are having a moment right now and there seems to be no sign of it stopping any time soon — and that's OK.

The mythical madness has now reached panaderías (bakeries), and thus the unicorn concha was born!

That's right: Conchas/pan dulce — Mexican sweet bread — have gotten the unicorn treatment.

El Bolillo Bakery in Houston, Texas has created the blue, pink, and purple sweet treat and people can't get enough. After posting pictures and videos of the unicorn frappuccino-inspired baked goods on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, the bakery had no idea how badly people wanted to get their hands on them. 

#uniconchas mania!! Got plenty hot at our Airline location! Happy Saturday friends!! ????????????????????

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Brian Alvarado, a manager at one of the bakery's locations, told The Houston Chronicle, "It was going crazy. And they weren't out the oven yet. Customers were calling, 'When are they ready?' They started coming in and lining up." 

These are the real people working around the clock making the magic happen:

The unicorn concha doesn't stray far from the original pan dulce, either.

Traditionally, the shell-like sweet bread covered in sugary goodness comes in different colors for different flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. This is probably why its trendy makeover isn't getting backlash like the unicorn elote did.

They're so pretty, we could stare at them all day.

"This is one of the biggest projects that we've ever done, and we've just had as much fun as possible. It's also going up against the tradition of having the same thing for 20 years. It changes it up a little bit," Alvarado said.

Oh, and did we mention that they're only 60 cents?!

Just because the unicorn hype is alive and well right now doesn't mean that it has to cost an arm and a leg. El Bolillo's price point stays true to the common price of a concha, which is usually less than a dollar.

Of course people are sharing their magical treats using the #UniConchas hashtag.

Not only are they Instagram ready, but people are raving about the way it tastes too. El Bolillo Bakery's #UniConcha has raspberry, strawberry, piña colada, and bubblegum flavoring — YUM!

If you do manage to get your hands on one, remember to drink it with a cup of coffee.

It's a match made in heaven, tbh. 

Hopefully other panaderías can make similar ones too, or it looks like we're going to have to take a trip to Houston.

"If it stays popular long enough, we'll definitely keep it coming. If the customer asks for it, we have nothing else to do but to make it," Alvarado said.