As the weather begins to warm up, Latinos knows it’s time to keep a look out for their neighborhood elote man. A classic elote is grilled or boiled corn on a stick, with mayonnaise, grated cheese, and chili powder. 

Of course, there are different versions of this beloved Mexican treat, but the unexpected happened – Latinos joined the latest unicorn food trend. 

The unicorn elote was created by a local business in Hidalgo, Mexico.

There are mixed reactions about this twist on the classic elote.

There were some who were happy about it...

"If you're already tired of #UnicornFrapuccino, don't worry. Today it's about Unicorn elote."

...but people were mostly not on board.

"It's seriously gross. The Bible says an elote comes with chili powder and lime juice."

Many can agree with Belinda's words.

"I think it's disrespectful."

The Bible was brought up more than once.

"The Bible says an elote comes with lime juice, sour cream, and cheese."

People actually started considering building the US-Mexico border wall.

"This is too much! This is why I say the border wall should be paid for and 10 million should be added too!"

Others want he unicorn elote to spare humanity.

“Hahaha the unicorn elote, don’t do this to humanity.”

Some could only say a few simple words about it.

"This is getting out of control."