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Coachella is almost here, and while people get excited to know the lineup of performances, some get even more excited to know the list of choices when it comes to food. Don’t expect anything less from a festival of this magnitude. From vegan options, private dinners, desserts, and a myriad of drink choices, your body will get what it needs (and some things it doesn’t). Here are 11 food options that you can’t miss at Coachella:

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Guerrilla Tacos

Guerrilla Tacos, which started as a two-person street cart a few years ago, has become an L.A. staple. Nowadays, this food truck offers a variety of tacos that change often, including a great selection for vegetarians.


GD Bro Burger

This Anaheim-based food truck offers amazing carb-loaded hamburgers and milkshakes worthy of a board on Pinterest!


Sage Vegan

Sage Vegan provides plant-based cuisine partnering with local farmers to create delicious dishes, such as fried artichoke hearts, portobello bacon chili cheeseburger, and a great selection of vegan pizzas.



Hanjip is the result of a partnership between Chris Oh, founder of Seoul Sausage Co, and Stephane Bombet, managing partner of Escala. This restaurant specializes in Korean food.


Mexicali Taco & Co.

Mexicali Taco & Co. is famous for bringing northern Baja cuisine and Mexicali street food to Los Angeles. There you can have one the tastiest tacos ever.


Backyard Bowls

Backyard Bowls specializes in acai bowls, hot porridges, and smoothies, providing the perfect complement to a sunny day in the desert.


Pinches Tacos

Pinches Tacos is an award-winning restaurant, providing a great variety of excellent quality tacos.


McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams

The ice cream at McConnells is famous for its seasonal and creamy flavors, and for sure they will be one of the most popular options at Coachella.


Caña Rum Bar

Caña Rum Bar is an L.A. bar where an annual membership fee is required. After paying for your Coachella ticket — which could have gotten you a membership for all your friends and acquaintances — feel part of this club and enjoy some of its delicious cocktails.


Donut Farm

When feeling the need for something sweet, you can always count on vegan desserts at Coachella and Donut Farm is one of these options.



Ricardo Zarate’s new restaurant will premiere during Coachella as one of the full-service pop-up restaurants available during the festival.