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Me with my blondish dyed hair.

photo: Bianca Alexa

These past couple of months I have suffered a setback in my healthy hair journey. I did everything you’re basically not supposed to do: got my hair dyed almost blonde, stopped deep conditioning my hair, skipped my regular detangling sessions, started experimenting with heat and other tools that altered my curl pattern. Then I continued to dye my hair multiple times (black, purple, and red). After several months of this constant back and forth with my hair, the inevitable happened . . . my hair broke off. All this hard work growing out my natural hair was gone in the blink of an eye. Okay, I’m exaggerating — it wasn’t all gone, but my hair was pretty fried and damaged.

Now with one side longer than the other and every split end imaginable, I’m going back to basics. Back to pampering and nurturing my hair to get it to a healthy state again.

My first step was to stop all use of chemicals and heat on my hair; second I got a haircut to eliminate all the damaged split ends. And third I have incorporated a mix of natural oils into my wash-and-go routine that will help strengthen, nourish, and hydrate my curls.

Here’s how I incorporate the oils: Using an applicator bottle, I add equal parts of coconut oil, olive oil, Jamaican black castor oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil. Then I add a few drops of rosemary oil, and give it a good shake to allow all the oils to mix. Once my hair has been washed and is still damp, I add a few drops of this mixture to the ends of my hair, then rinse off the excess. (This technique seals in the moisture and helps my curls stay hydrated longer. Plus the added nutrients of the oils will help strengthen my curls.) After this, I proceed to add a styling product or leave-in on top, then let my hair air dry.

So what’s so great about these oils? I’m glad you asked! Here’s the break down of the oils I’ve incorporated into my hair routine and why.