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When it comes to getting a great blowout there's no place like the Dominican hair salon. These no-frill salons are one of New York City’s best-kept beauty secrets. Seriously — a bouncy blowout will cost you around $25 to $30 tops. With little wrist action tricks and a round boar bristle brush, a Dominican stylist can transform the frizziest hair into a shampoo commercial–worthy blowout. It's pretty impressive!

However, unlike most salons, a Dominican salon can easily become a full-day event. If you're not there by 10 a.m. when the doors open, you can easily be there until closing time — no joke. With beautiful hair comes a rollercoaster of emotions Dominican salon patrons can relate all too well to. So if you're planning on visiting one for the first time, here are few truths to keep in mind!

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That moment when you realize you need to be up extra early

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Unless you're okay with spending your entire Saturday at the salon, we suggest you arrive as your hairstylist clocks in. The sleek results will be worth it!

That moment when you realize your hair stylist isn't there

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If your go-to peluquera calls out sick upon your arrival, you know it's just NOT going to be the same with whoever you get stuck with.

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That moment you find out the woman washing your hair has long acrylic nails

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You can kiss your soothing head massage goodbye. Nothing is worse than the feeling of claws scratching every inch of your scalp.

That moment you realize your rolos are on point

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They're not too tight or too loose, your rollers are set and looking good. One of the most important parts is out of the way, YAS!

That moment when you have to go under the secadora

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After waiting for what feels like forever (because there’s always a line), you finally get underneath the hair dryer. It's bittersweet because you know you're going to be stuck under there for at least an hour, but your voluminous strands will thank you.

That moment you get stuck with the really hot one

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All the hairdryers were taken and now you're stuck with the old school one that's so hot you have to wear ear covers so they don't burn. This pretty much defines the phrase, “no pain, no gain.”

That moment the empanada lady gets there

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It's 3 p.m. and you haven't eaten anything since this morning. Homemade empanadas are giving you life right now.

That moment you realize it was all worth it

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Your blowout looks amazing and that's all that really matters. But now comes a week’s worth of being careful not to get caught in the rain to avoid ruining your new do.

That moment your stylist asks if you want a doobie

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You know it will extend the life of your blowout and keep it from getting ruined on your way home but you're afraid of running into your ex-boyfriend with your hair wrapped.

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