Who's running the ship over at Free People? The luxury hippie brand is under fire after being accused of cultural appropriation — AGAIN.

Here's what went down: SOMEHOW, Free People thought it was OK to sell clip-in dreadlocks.

Not only is this level of cultural appropriation horrific, they went ahead and added insult to injury by selling the 10-pack for a smooth $128.

Way to capitalize on someone else's culture!

Needless to say, this is total garbage.

After being called out on social media, Free People issued a semi-apology.

They told Mic...

"Free People's designers and buyers draw inspiration from fashions and trends from across the globe. In hindsight, we missed an opportunity to recognize the rich history and diverse cultures that have contributed to the timelessness of dreadlocks, and we have therefore decided to pull the product immediately."

That statement might be a lot easier to believe if Free People hadn't previously gotten in major trouble for doing the exact. Same. Thing.

We kid you not: back in 2014, Free People was dragged to filth for selling clip-in dreadlocks.

With the same crazy price point to boot!

How do you make the same mistake twice?!

And how are we meant to take this "apology" seriously, when Free People is selling feather headdresses RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT? This brand isn't committed to recognizing "rich history" — they're committed to ripping off other cultures and making money.

It doesn't help that Free People's parent company is Urban Outfitters, another repeat appropriation offender, but come on. Do better.