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photo: Marissa Pina/Vivala
As a girl with naturally curly hair, I'm aware of the risks that come with styling my rizos with heat. But I can't help it — I love a good bouncy blowout. That said, I've also learned the hard way when it comes to heat styling. For years, I pulled out the blow-dryer, the straighteners, and the curling irons without protecting my strands, and now I'm dealing with the annoying, heat-damaged consequences. I'm talking thinner, looser, and lifeless curls mixed in with awkward straight pieces.

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Fortunately, there are plenty of heat-protectant products out there that allow you to heat-style your curly strands straight, without subjecting them to heat damage. How, you ask? Heat protectants work to seal the surface of your hair, which reduces the chances of damage or breakage. Take my advice, and learn from my hair struggles, ladies. I tested out some products along with my fellow Vivala Associate Editor and curly-haired girl Cindy Diaz and found seven heat protectants that will protect your hair every time you straighten.