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photo: Corbis

Hair trends seem to be popping up left and right lately. But it's rainbow hair that's leading the pack right now, and it's not just a club for the ladies. That's right: Men have joined in on the pain (hello, bleach) and unique journey that is changing your look with colored hair. Joe Jonas is the latest guy to take a walk on the wild hair side when he debuted his multicolored hair on Instagram with the lollipop emoji as his description (picture after the jump). While some speculated that he was inspired to switch it up after his breakup with Gigi Hadid, he shut down that rumor by letting us in on the real reason: He just wanted to do it. Yep, this Jonas brother wanted to freshen up his image, and we're not mad at it. After all, this isn't his first time experimenting with fun hair colors. We're digging the purple, blue, and pink strips of dye in his short, but sweet hair. So yes, men and women alike can experience the pure joy that is having rainbow-colored hair. The world would be a much cooler-looking place if everyone rocked this trend, right? If you're looking for inspiration from other guys who've taken the dye plunge, we've rounded up six additional men who went bold with their colored locks and looked all the better for it. 

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