photo: Tumblr/stilldreamingofyou

When you think of Selena Quintanilla's boutiques that opened in 1993 in Corpus Christi and San Antonio, Texas, the first thing that probably comes to mind for most of her admirers is the access they gave to the singer's iconic style. The shops gave fans the opportunity to buy Quintanilla merch, accessories, and some clothing designed by Quintanilla herself. Unfortunately both locations ended up closing (although we have a good feeling that her designs would still fly off the shelves today), but there were other services offered in the stores that you may have forgotten about.

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Quintanilla's boutiques also provided full-service nail and hair salons — not surprising since the star was a beauty icon. Given how much Quintanilla loved her fans, it's even less surprising that the hair salon's design made their comfort a top priority. A television interview where Quintanilla gave a tour of the boutique revealed a genius solution that we can't believe didn't catch on at hair salons everywhere.

While giving the interviewer a tour of her Corpus Christi salon, Quintanilla revealed that her hair-cutting stations had built-in sinks so customers would never have to leave their chairs. This was a change from other salons that "have to take the customer to get their hair shampooed and then bring them back [to their chair] and they're dripping water everywhere," she said. We can't believe that this didn't change the game of hair salons everywhere, because let's face it: Sometimes the daunting salon experience leaves you feeling stressed and literally wet. Changing into a plush robe at a luxe salon is nice, but if you're bouncing around from chair to chair all day and end up leaving with a stiff neck, is it really that much of an upgrade? (No. No, it's not.)

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So the next time you're having a long and uncomfortable styling session at your local hair salon, you can passive aggressively tell your peluquera that you wish you still had access to the glam squad at a Selena Quintanilla boutique.