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Swimmers are stoked this week after the release of the Speedo Shine swim tracker was announced. On September 1st, the $80 waterproof fitness wearable will make its debut at Apple stores and online at and Although the tracker is not limited to counting your laps — it tracks sleep and outdoor activities like traditional fitness wearable — it's slim and light design make it easy to wear next time you hit the pool. But your tech gear isn't the only thing you need. 

Once summer comes to an end, the damaging effects of too much fun in the sun (and pool) materialize in the form of dry, lusterless hair and burnt skin. Excessive exposure to the sun can having adverse effects from something as mild as discolored hair to more serious skin-care issues like hyper-pigmentation. Either way, it's important to protect your hair and skin next time you dive into the deep end so here are some hero beauty products to shield the sun and revive hair after a swim.