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If you have naturally curly hair, chances are you dread wash day, the weekly endeavor dedicated to washing, detangling, and conditioning natural hair. While it may sound like NBD to your straight-haired friends, you know the process to be extremely time-consuming. First, it starts with a bathroom sink full of products you've accumulated over the past few weeks (because if there's one thing curly-haired girls do, it's stock up on products like it's nobody's business). Then there's the annoying task of detangling that feels like FOREVER.

Most curly-haired girls dedicate an entire day to wash day — no joke. Seriously, it could take you just as long to do it yourself as it would hitting up the Dominican hair salon on a busy Saturday afternoon. The struggle is real. There's even a Twitter hashtag #Washday dedicated to just that.

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Here are a few thoughts that run through every curly-haired girl's mind on wash days:


Ugh, it's time to wash

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Do I really want to do this?


Your bathroom sink counter looks like a kitchen pantry


You've got everything from coconut oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, raw eggs, mayo, curl-specific products — yup, the gang's all here! 


Detangling is a bitch

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I'm going to be in this shower all day, ain't I?

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When you notice an insane amount of hair in the shower drain

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And you wonder if you even have any hair left on your head.


When you can't decide which conditioner to try today

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Your linen closet is fully stocked with at least 12 different conditioners that are still half-full and yet you can't decide which one to use today.


When you apply a deep-conditioning hair mask

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This thing stays on for at least a good hour — the perfect excuse to catch up on Netflix.


Now the air-drying process

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This will pretty much take up the remainder of your day, unless you decide to diffuse.

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You CANNOT believe you spent all day dealing with this

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You're beyond exhausted and so over it.


But the end result?

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So worth it!