Meet Stephanie Lange, a beauty vlogger with a talent for all that is eye shadow, lipstick, foundation, and massive eyelashes.

In a video that's now going viral, Lange explains that she's always struggled with sparse eyebrows and has tried every product out there, as well as brow tattooing.


After toying with the idea of glueing fake lashes to her brows, she decided to use HER OWN HAIR.

Here's the hair from her head that is soon to be the hair on her brows. She's using eyelash glue to secure the hairs.

Each hair follicle has to be completely coated in the glue.

"Now I'm just going to find whereabouts on my brow this particular piece of hair will look best and plunk it there," she says practically.

She says she expects that most of the added hairs will fall off when she washes her face, but she has lash glue remover just in case.


Eyebrows on fleek or eyebrows on eek?

Watch the full video below!