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The clitoris. It’s the tiny female organ with a whole lot of power. While most of us spend at least some time interacting with this part of our anatomy — a girl’s got to shower, right? — she’s still, in many ways, like the mysterious roommate who has so much BFF potential if only you stopped being awkward and talked to her once in a while.

The truth is, the clitoris is one of the most fascinating parts of a woman’s body, and by not getting to know her, we’re actually doing ourselves a tremendous disservice.

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In fact, according to one new study published in the Journal of Clinical Anatomy, knowing your body (your clitoris, specifically), could be the answer to a more satisfying sex life.

"It is incredible that such an important part of the body is vastly unexplored," says Prudence Hall, M.D., medical director at the Hall Center in Santa Monica, California. "Sexual education is a relatively new concept, and the feminine mystery of women’s sexual responses has only recently been addressed by the medical profession."

So in an effort to empower all of us to become better friends with our lady friend downstairs, here are nine crazy facts to get you started.  


It’s über sensitive

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With more than 8,000 nerve endings  — that’s twice as many as the penis — the clitoris is the most sensitive place on a woman’s body.


It gets erect

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Yes, women get hard, too. Much like the penis, the clitoris has erectile tissues that swell during arousal, causing it to become larger in size. 


It’s bigger than you think

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“When people talk about the clitoris, they’re usually just talking about the glans — the very sensitive outside part,” Rebecca Chalker, Ph.D., professor of sexology at Pace University, told But underneath, it’s the shape of a wishbone, measuring about four inches.


It grows

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Throughout your lifespan, the clitoris gets bigger. In fact, after menopause, a woman’s C may be 2.5 times bigger than when she was a teenager.


It’s very important for the big “O”

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According to Psychology Today, more than 50 percent of women can’t orgasm without clitoral stimulation

"Some studies say 30-40 minutes of continuous stimulation is needed for most women to achieve an orgasm. Less time is an unreasonable expectation," said Dr. Hall. "Rushing orgasms, bringing critical judgments to yourself, and worrying about a lack of orgasm, all make it harder."


It gets better with exercise

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Just 20 minutes of moderate exercise can increase a woman’s genital engorgement by 168 percent. Now that’s a reason to get to the gym!


Each one is as unique as a snowflake

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Much like belly buttons, each woman’s clitoris varies in the way it looks and how it responds to stimulation, an article on Huffington Post reports.


It's Greek

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