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According to the State of Obesity, more than 77 percent of Latino adults are overweight or obese, compared with 67.2 percent of Whites. For a culture that celebrates curves among women (WEPA!!) Latinas are at risk of teetering into an unhealthy weight.

Although obesity isn’t genetic, your risk factor increases when you have parents who are obese. Since healthy habits are formed at a young age, we carry these habits with ourselves our entire lives. Follow these small lifestyle changes that will curb your risk of obesity and help you stay at a healthy weight.

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  • Tweak your favorite foods to be healthier – Have you ever tried cauliflower Spanish rice? Chia pudding? Zucchini crust pizza? Swapping out different ingredients as the foundation to your favorite foods can not only expand your palate, but give you the opportunity to incorporate more fruit, vegetables into your diet in a low-calorie way.
  • Don’t let your cravings control you – Spicy chips and cheesy dips are delicious, but don’t let them ruin your waistline. Allow yourself to enjoy food but don’t fall prey to overeating and unhealthy cravings. When you eat healthier, you’ll find your cravings change.
  • Everything in moderation – Making the decision to eat healthier is a lifestyle change, not a diet. Live your life without feeling guilty over what you ate or drank by limiting the unhealthy foods and amount of alcohol you consume.
  • Exercise once a day – Whether it’s a walk, a yoga class or sit ups in your living room while keeping up with the Kardashians, it all counts. Your body will thank you later for the activity you do now.
  • Keep stress levels down – The stress you feel at work, at school and in everyday situations can terrorize your body. Practice ways to calm yourself with a mantra, deep breathing and a positive attitude.
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  • Be consistent – Make a schedule for your workouts. Start preparing healthy grab and go meals in advance. Start stretching before you go to bed. Whatever you do, maintain consistency with it.
  • Have a buddy – Everything is easier when you have a partner in crime by your side. Get your sisters, brothers, soul-sisters, squad, familia and anyone else you can find to join you on this journey. Everyone needs support and it helps when someone is holding you accountable.
  • Set goals – Make sure you have a goal in mind. It can be a number, a size, an experience or an activity. Celebrate the small milestones you make, no matter what they are

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