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Fewer young people are getting married, and the ones that are getting hitched are waiting until later in life. But according to new research, there might be some added health perks that come with settling down. A recent study found that married people were 14 percent less likely to die from a heart attack than single folks. Divorced people had a 7 percent greater risk of dying from a heart attack than even single people themselves.  

So what about marriage helps prevent someone from dying of a heart attack? According to The Guardian, researchers believe that the health benefits aren’t necessarily due to the legal institution of marriage itself, but result from the “mental and physical support" that married patients may enjoy.” Makes sense, no? 

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This isn’t the first we’ve heard marriage could improve health. Here are a few other ways it can do miracles for your salud:

1. It’s good for your bones. It might sound cray, but a study conducted by researchers from UCLA found a link between bone mineral density (BMD) and marriage. The results, which were published in the online journal Osteoporosis International, claim that marriage has positive outcomes on BDM, which can, over time, decay and result in osteoporosis. Men who were married had better BDM than men who were never married, divorced, or widowed, and women in good and healthy marriages had stronger bones than women who had never been married, divorced, or widowed. Who would have thought?

2. It might reduce your chances of getting pneumonia. In a study that examined 67,162 patients with a pneumonia-related hospitalization along with a large matched control group of 671,620, pneumonia patients were more likely to be divorced, widowed, or never married at all. 

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3. It can make you more likely to survive heart surgery. A study conducted by the University of Michigan Health and Retirement Study, found the chances of survival after major heart surgery higher among married people versus unmarried people. It could be that people who are married are healthier than people who are not married, but that’s just one of several possible explanations,” lead study author Dr. Mark Neuman, of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, told the Huffington Post.

4. It can help you survive cancer. According to a study, supportive marriages can increase the longevity for people with cancer. “The major driving factor is greater social support, and less social isolation, among married patients,” study author Scarlett Lin Gomez told The Huffington Post.

5. You might live longer. A study conducted by Duke University Medical Center found that people with permanent partners or spouses were less likely to experience premature death during midlife years than individuals who were never married or divorced.