Let's be real: Periods suck. I mean, they're great in that if you're trying NOT to get pregnant, your period is a helpful  — if painful, stubborn, gross, and sweaty — reminder that there's no baby growing in your uterus each month, but that's really the only upside to it. Oh, wait, there's also...no, never mind, that's really the only one. But hey, since we have to deal with these for most of the rest of our life, we may as well laugh about it. Here, 10 memes that perfectly capture the struggle of being on your period. 

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To be honest, I've been better

???????????? #periodproblems #periodsbelike #pmsing #hormonessuck #thisshitsucks

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You know, I'm okay. No big deal. Just bleeding out of my uterus. Nothing to see here. 


I don't blame you

I'd probably do the same thing, tbh. 


Talk about awkward

I luckily have never had that kind of misfortune. #periodproblems

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BRB I'm going to go die of embarrassment. 


Better than the alternative

You win this round, uterus. 


I'll take a soft pretzel, please


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Zoe Deschanel speaks the truth. 


Periods: bringing people together

I agree #periodproblems #period #periodlife

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Like this poster says, nobody deserves that level of Hell.