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Taking that boot camp class during your lunch break is a good way to release endorphins and break a sweat midday. But is your post-workout routine doing your body any favors? Some women save time by wiping down with baby wipes before heading back to work, but that’s hardly the most hygienic approach for your body, let alone your intimate areas. We know it can be hard to squeeze in a quick shower before returning to the office, but the problem with foregoing proper hygiene is that you potentially leave your vagina vulnerable to discomfort and infection. Doesn't sound like skipping that shower is worth it after all, huh?

The last thing any woman wants to deal with is embarrassing itching or irritation while they're on the go. That's why Vagisil pH Balance Wash is perfect for your post-workout shower and everyday needs. But why is vaginal pH so important? When your pH balance is off, it can lead to foul odors, vaginal irritation, yeast infections, and other forms of discomfort. Luckily, Vagisil pH Balance Wash contains Lactoprebiotic, and is clinically proven to help maintain a healthy pH balance and fortify your body’s natural defenses.

Whether you're taking a strength-training class or hitting up your favorite hot yoga studio, you won't have to worry about questioning your freshness factor no matter how sweaty you get. Remember, your workouts are intended to reward your body, not punish it. Keep up the good work and remember to keep things fresh and balanced!