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It's so cute when the Internet thinks it just made a huge revelation about something your abuela has been telling you for years: Vicks VapoRub cures all! 

Case in point, this theory about VapoRub and the common cold: "A woman known as Julie wrote on Netmums: 'Yes have done this . . . it really does work. I put some on my feet last night as I have a cough and had a great night’s sleep. Within a few minutes of putting on my feet, putting socks on and lying in bed, I can feel the vapours reach my throat! This only works when going to bed and never works for me during the day,'" Yahoo reports. 

Latinos having been using Vicks VapoRub for just about every kind of ailment since the beginning of time — or whenever VapoRub was invented. Not only do we slather this medicated ointment on our chests, throats, and under our feet, but some also EAT IT! (Yes, my Tio Juan eats the damn stuff when he gets a cold, and he isn't alone.)

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Although these are not prescribed ways to use VapoRub, they do work, which is why Latinos have been passing down this remedy for years. The Yahoo report also states that doctors see this way of treatment (placing it under the feet) as a "placebo" at best because there's no scientific proof to back up the effectiveness. 

"One theory could be that it helps reduce stress," said Dr. Lynne Jordan, a chartered psychologist. "By concentrating on something else, i.e., the process of putting Vicks on with the socks, you are reducing your stress levels."

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First of all, she's a psychologist, not a medical professional, and secondly, go tell that to my mom and she will knock some sense into you. 

A rep for Vicks VapoRub said that placing it on the feet "is not in line with what the product is for so we would not endorse it being used in this way."

Oh, okay . . . it kind of sounds like it's just the company's way of saying: do whatever you want with it, we are staying out of this conversation.

So in short, go on world, try this "new" form of getting rid of that darn old cold. I have to go tell my mom this interesting bit of news. We could use a good laugh.