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Even if every type of car insurance isn’t legally required in your state (here’s looking at you, Florida!), it’s a smart investment. You never know when disaster may strike or when plain silly mistakes will happen. When you have car insurance, you have comfort, security, and relief. And sometimes car insurance plans are even better than you thought! Here are six surprising perks your car insurance might offer — but every package is different, so be sure know all of your options when choosing an insurance company.


Multiple policy discounts

Chances are you need more than one type of insurance. So if you’re going to get more than one policy, you might as well bundle your plans. See if that’s an option at your insurer and you could save big bucks—or at least keep everything a little simpler and a little more organized.


Sound system coverage

Do you love your sound system? A thief might, too. See if you can get sound system coverage as a perk of your insurance plan. That way if your sound system gets stolen or damaged, you can replace your audio equipment and speakers.



Not all drivers are created equal. Shouldn’t you be rewarded for your good driving habits? Some insurers think so. Allstate , for instance, has an app called Drivewise that rewards customers for driving safely. For the safe driving you do every day, you can get ongoing cash back and earn Allstate Reward points redeemable for savings on brands you and know and love. That’s a win-win.


Accident forgiveness

If you drive enough, you will probably have an accident, whether you’re responsible for it or not. It’s pretty much inevitable. But some car insurers are forgiving about it. Allstate’s Accident Forgiveness feature means that your rate won’t go up just for having an accident, even if the accident was your fault.


Extra savings

If you are a safe driver, you should get a bonus! That is why no one rewards safe drivers better than Allstate. Only Allstate gives safe drivers Safe Driving Bonus Checks, which is two checks a year just for driving safe. They also have Deductible Rewards, which gives you $100 off your deductible when you sign up with Allstate plus $100 off each year you continue to be a safe driver.

Not sure where to start when it comes to car insurance? Find out how an Allstate Agent can help.