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photo: Corbis

We're just going to cut to the chase here — literally: Hayden Panettiere just got a major trim. The actress tweeted a photo of the adorable cropped locks over the weekend with a caption that read "Chopping hair off is like getting rid of metaphorical and literal dead ends. Off with the old and growing the new."

After giving birth to her daughter last year, the actress revealed on Live! With Michael & Kelly that she was struggling with postpartum depression. She has since worked to create awareness about the condition.

But her new radical do got us thinking . . . Why do women cut their hair to signal a new beginning? To echo Panettiere's sentiment, maybe it has something to do with shedding an old version of yourself. With each snip of the scissor, you metaphorically do away with the past and embrace the change. And that radical shift can be a very powerful thing. So in honor of Panettiere's bold new cut, we've rounded up six ways we move on and turn over a new leaf.