You don't need to hang a flag from your shower curtain to make your bathroom look like a full on display of Latinx pride. We've rounded up 12 items that will leave visitors with no doubts about your love for your cultura.

Why just have a jar of Vicks VapoRub in your medicine cabinet when you can also have a candle version of your eucalyptus bae?

Vicky's Vapo Candle ($13,

Every space could use a little dose of Selena.

Selena Quintanilla Candle ($15,

Because sometimes our hair is living on a prayer.

Good Hair Day Veladora ($16,

How about a little basket of these concha bath bombs?

Uniconcha Bath Bomb ($7,

This elote is the perfect substitute if savory treats are your vice.

Elote En Palo ($7,

These Latin American flags make for an adorable bath bomb.

Guatemala Flag Bath Bomb ($5,

Get your friends shook in Spanish with a soap that screams "maldita lisiada!!!" on your sink.

Soraya Soap ($5,

The warm scent of vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar that comes from a Horchata soap is perfect for chilly days.

Horchata Soap ($5,

A little flan soap wouldn't hurt, either.

Flan Soap ($6,

If you're about that bathroom reading life, add a Latinx zine celebrating your cultura to your rotation.

La Yerbera [English] ($12,

This crochet tissue box cover should make your bathroom feel nostalgic.

Grey Tissue Box Cover ($20,

And because this list would be incomplete without it, here is some frilly decor for your toilet. You're welcome.

Toilet cover set ($47,