A mom in California had quite an eventful New Year's Eve. Not only was she in labor as the ball dropped, she was giving birth to twins who decided they didn't want to share a birthday for the rest of their lives.

The patient, Maria Esperanza Flores Rios, gave birth to twins who were born in two different years.

Joaquin Ontiveros was born at 11:58 pm on December 31, 2017...

twins born in different years
photo: Twitter/jessica23abc

...followed by Joaquin's little sister, Aitana de Jesus, at 12:16 am on January 1, 2018.

twins born in different years
photo: Twitter/jessica23abc

The mother's original due date was scheduled for January 27.

Flores wound up giving birth to her twins four weeks early, but all remain in good health. 

The babies were only born 18 minutes apart, but the chances of their birth dates being in different years are one in 59,000.

newborn twins
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There are only two reported cases of this happening in the US and one in Canada. The doctor who delivered the twins, Dr. Seyed Tamijidi, said he'd never seen this before in his 35 years of practice.

Congratulations to the new family!

Looks like it's double the birthdays for these twins.