One of the most important days for us Latinas is our quince.

The ceremony, which takes place on a girl's fifteenth birthday, marks the passage from young woman to womanhood. This special celebration is typically shared among close friends and family who witness this symbolic journey.

But one quinceañera from San Luis Potosi, Mexico named Rubi Ibarra Garcia, is sharing her special day with millions, thanks to her father’s viral video invite.

In the video, Mr. Ibarra can be seen with his daughter, Rubi, and his wife, Anaelda Garcia, cordially inviting everyone to his daughter's quinceañera.

According to the dad, four bands will play at the fiesta and there will be a horse race held with a prize of 10,000 pesos to the winner! 

The video, which was originally published on Facebook on November 30, quickly turned viral and inspired the creation of many events to the fiesta. One of them already has over 1.2 million confirmed attendees!

Now that’s a party!

Soon after, the internet turned this local party into an extravaganza...

...and the world started packing their bags...

...because the party predictions were insane.

And of course, ain’t no party without some cerveza!!!!


Some have already gotten their hands on “tickets” to this highly anticipated party...

...while others have started showing off their VIP passes.

Because whether you choose to take an Uber....

...or a flight, the whole world is going to be there!

Including several celebrities who have already confirmed their attendance to Rubi's quince, like the Colombian singer herself.


Because no one can get la fiesta pumping like Shakira!

And Papa Francisco, who is going to officiate the mass.

And of course, it wouldn't be official without the Kardashian Klan.

You need the reigning queen of selfies to capture all the unforgettable moments!

But, unfortunately for everyone who RSVP'd, Steve Harvey mistakenly announced the event, so everyone is de-crowned from attending.


Surveys say... you're all uninvited!

According to Excelsior, Rubi’s dad clarified that the invitation was originally meant for people who lived in neighboring regions.


And many entered a deep emotional state.....

But don't worry, Rubi's dad has a corazón. He soon re-invited everyone to the party.

And once again everyone went nuts!

Because no matter where you are in the world, everyone wants to come to these quinces.

One thing's for sure, this 15-year-old quinceañera is going to have a blast on her special day.

Feliz quinceañera, Rubi!!!!