S.O.S. Shoe disaster. Send help.

photo: Flickr/Stacy Spensley

If you've ever resigned yourself to the shoe pile, the shoe heap, or the shoe jungle out of lack of space or sheer frustration, then sit down. Breathe. We're here to save you.

After a thorough internet search, we found 11 shoe-organization tips that will give you some major shoe-spiration.

Utilize vertical storage and make your shoes a conversation piece at the same time by hanging heels from the rungs of a ladder.

Use wicker baskets to store flip-flops upright, rather than flat, to keep them together and make more space.

Reclaim a wooden pallet and set it against the wall for a no-assembly-required way to organize shoes in the entryway.

No closet? No problem. Store your shoes in a wall organizer and hide the whole thing behind a sheer curtain.

Instead of hanging your closet shoe organizers over a door, why not hang them over a screen divider? It gives you more surface area and less closet clutter.

Take those tension rods off your windows and install them in the closet instead. Stagger two in a row (à la the picture below) to prevent shoes from shifting.

Got a wine rack of any size? You could put your shoes in there.

And speaking of wine, use empty wine bottles to prevent tall boots from flopping over.

Ambitious shoe lovers can divide and stack lazy Susans to make a custom lazy shoe-san.

Don't you have a Kindle already? Clear out your old bookshelf and repurpose it for shoes, obviously.

If you don't have space under your dresser already, mount it with risers and use a repurposed picture frame or serving tray as storage underneath.