College Humor has created an informative video for boys about fun facts and myths on what really happens when ol’ Aunt Flo comes to visit. Also known as: our periods. “Because they’re really not that big of a deal.”

First off they need to understand that periods aren’t harmful. They’re normal and healthy and “the only threat to a woman’s health during their period is that all the blood in the toilet will attract snakes and alligators that live in the sewers up the pipes.” Scary, yet unlikely. 

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The humorous clip also informs that there’s a powerful demon that lives insides of us and, because he lives on blood, we need to drain ourselves every month and bleed so he doesn’t get too powerful. Bet they didn’t know that one! And they might also be surprised to learn that tampons don’t make you lose your virginity. That’s right, they don’t.

As if it weren’t explicit enough, they also give the explanation as to why women go to the bathroom in groups and why our purses are always so big. But most importantly they tell men they need to simply get over it.

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