With great fame comes, well, ridiculous criticisms and baseless accusations, and "Love & Hip Hop: Miami's" Amara La Negra is learning that the hard way. The Dominican singer made her debut on the show's season premiere this week, and she already made headlines for proudly celebrating her Afro-Latina identity and standing up to racist comments in the episode.

Unfortunately, the attacks have gone beyond the show and into her real life — people are now accusing her of darkening her skin, aka doing full-body blackface. The haters must've been so flabbergasted by how flawless her dark skin is that they couldn't believe it was real. But La Negra let them know that there was nothing fake about it with the cutest video.

"Well yeah I guess I was born in a 'Black Face Body!'" La Negra captioned a video of her working the stage as a little girl in the same skin she's in now.

We hope the haters caught that sarcasm.

"It's funny that I even have to go through this and show you baby pictures or videos to prove to blogs and people on social media that my skin color is not airbrushed or spray tanned nor do I take melanin shots to be black!"

"This shit is hilarious. However, this is one of my favorite baby videos. I started when I was four years old doing beauty pageants, working on TV, commercials, etc. I have always been sassy & confident!"

"I've always been naturally curvy. Hips, thighs, butt lol. Thanks Mom/Dad lmao... and yes that's My Hair! Back then I used braids."

"These days you gotta explain it all... I'm being questioned [about] every single part of my body," she added.

The support from her fans was incredible, of course.

Dear haters: Stay mad.