America Ferrera is a powerful public speaker. From her passionate address at the Democratic National Convention to a rallying cry against hate and injustice at the Women's March, time after time, the 32-year-old actress uses her platform to affect change. Her recent acceptance speech at the Human Right Campaign (HRC) gala dinner was no exception.

Ferrera was being honored and presented with the HRC Ally for Equality Award.

america ferrera human rights campaign gala dinner 2017 lgbtq
photo: Splash News

She's been a vocal advocate for equality and continues to fight for the rights of the LGBTQ community.

She began her heartfelt speech by highlighting the importance of representation.

Ferrera called out the need for representation beyond the media — in schools, hospitals, and boardrooms. She reminded the audience of the impact and long-term effects of being able to have one's true, authentic self be portrayed across all areas of life.

"We know that it makes all the difference to see ourselves reflected by culture with dignity, with humor, with compassion. It is how most of us learn what is possible for us, what our place in the world is. Too often we have to spend so many years unlearning what culture has taught us about who we are or ought to be, but It doesn’t have to be that way. We can change that. Every single one of us, we can leave the next generation with a better reflection of their innate worth and their inherent power simply by claiming and living in our own power," she said.

Although she is an activist and role model for so many people, she opened up about the hardships that come with trying to change the world.

"Some days I feel tired and inadequate, and incapable of making a dent," she admitted. While those moments of defeat might weigh her down, she knows that she has to keep on fighting the good fight because she's not in it alone. 

"We are all being called to rise up to a level of consciousness and a level of action that we never imagined we would be called to. We are being called to stand together, to fight together together, breathe together, rejuvenate together, and to nurture and to protect one another. We are called as allies in the resistance, but also allies in our sustenance," she said with conviction.

If that didn't light a fire in your soul, what she had to say about inclusion will.

"Anything I've ever done on behalf of the LGBTQ community, I did in service to myself. Anything I ever did for the rights of this community I did because I believe — with every fiber of my being — that my liberation is bound up in the liberation of my LGBTQ brothers and sisters, and in the liberation of my black brothers and sisters, and in the liberation of immigrants, and refugees, and Muslims, and sikhs, and women all over the world, and the incarcerated, and the criminalized, and the uneducated, and the poor, and the hungry, and, and, and, and, and."

*mic drop*

Watch the full, life-changing speech here: