So you're still living at home with mom? Hey — no big deal. As Latinas, we know all about that life. And those of us that manage to sneak out at some point in our 20s probably didn't get too far: 18 miles to be exact. 

See, according to some number crunching and data analysis from Upshot, the typical adult lives only 18 miles away from their mama. The data cited low income analysis as one reason. But also, this: "The data reveal a country of close-knit families, with members of multiple generations leaning on one another for financial and practical support. The trend will continue, social scientists say, as baby boomers need more care in old age, and the growing number of two-income families seek help with child care." 

Close-knit families, care in old age, help with child care — sound familiar? Yep, Latinos have embraced this lifestyle for quite a while. We're no strangers to watching abuela cooking up a storm in the kitchen and tending to the house while mom jets out the door to get to work on time. Living together as one big happy familia is practically ingrained in our DNA. 

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And let's be real here, if mom had it her way, we'd never leave. EVER. Two miles, much less 18, is way too far for her liking. No doubt she's reminded you of that fact using a million different methods. But we've managed to narrow it down to seven ways that mom has probably tried to convince you that there'll never be a place quite like home . . . with her.


The food bribe

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You know that "coincidental" Sunday drive-by at 7 p.m. where mom just so happens to have had extra arroz con pollo sitting in her car? It's really a calculated move to remind you of the homemade meals you're missing out on. After all, one cannot live on take-out alone (at least not according to her).


Refrigerator judgement day

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"Do you need money for groceries? Because this refrigerator . . . por Dios." Yes, mom. I actually went yesterday. But it probably looks a bit sparse thanks to the lack of leftovers, Materva, and cascos de guayaba you keep back at home. 


The laundry list

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When she casually mentions how your shirt creases looked so much better when you were living with her.

The chicken soup scenario

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Because when you're sick, she'll remind you that if you were home, she'd be plying you with chicken soup and Vicks VapoRub without even having to be asked.

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The lunch lesson

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Did you skip lunch today because you didn't have time to pack anything this morning and payday is still a couple of days out? Better not tell mom. She'll take that opportunity to tell you about the AMAZING lunch she packed for your brother this morning. Who's still living at home, by the way.

The financial advisor

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"You know, you wouldn't have to pay rent if you were still living here. You could save your money and buy a house. Just like your cousin Christina. She stayed with Tia until she was 42!"

The emotional plea

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When you've spilled coffee on your shirt right before a presentation, fought with your best friend, and received a traffic ticket on your way home: "Oh, mi amor . . . it'll be okay. Come home. I'll have dinner and your laundry waiting for you."