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If you asked someone to imagine the “average” Californian a decade ago, you might come up with a description that sounds a little like a 2001 Hollister ad campaign –you know, a blonde, blue-eyed surfer frolicking in the sand.

Well, not these days.

LA Weekly is squashing any stereotypes people might still have around today’s average Californian. The publication recently reported that the average California resident today is actually a Latina.

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Excuse us while we do a happy dance.

According to the article, Latinos have taken over whites to become the state’s biggest ethnic group, and statistics gathered by, which recently surveyed the information of thousands of Americans through the U.S. Census Bureau, found the today, the average California resident is a 35-year-old Latina woman who lives in L.A.’s Koreatown.

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Some other interesting things about this Latina:  She’s Catholic; She’s a self-described Democrat; and she’s got just over $11,000 in student loan debt. According to the data, she’s also into buying shoes and clothes, and admits to sometimes making spontaneous purchases under the influence of alcohol.

Girl, we’ve all been there.

What do you think of the average Californian?

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