A man had the most epic "peace offering" for his bigoted neighbor — and it's honestly one of the best things we've seen in a while.

The unnamed man has been living in the neighborhood for over 11 years, but somehow his neighbor kept insisting he was "trespassing" because he looked Mexican.

The man's friend, who goes by "SharkswithFrigginLazerBeams" on Imgur, shared exactly what went down in a post titled, "Goddamn Giant Gay Mexicans."

"My friend lives in an older gated community that maybe doesn’t get much exposure to non-whites. His mom is Portuguese/Japanese and father is Swedish/German so he kind of looks like an enormous Mexican if you don’t think about it," the user wrote.

The brief story goes on to explain the daily discrimination this man has been dealing with because of his appearance — and it's both ridiculous and infuriating, to say the least.

"When he walks his dogs it tends to manifest asking 'Sir, can I help you?', 'Do you live here?' or 'Do you realize you're trespassing?' as he calmly points out his house and dock in the distance. Sometimes security guards appear with complaints about him stealing mail, even though he has lived there over eleven years."


And when his friend found out who kept making those calls to security guards, he decided to bake them the petty cake they deserved.

"He eventually discovered the repeat-offender who kept calling HOA security and made this cake above as a passive-aggressive peace offering and left it on her doorstep," his friend explained.

But it doesn't stop there. Not only is the woman racist, she's homophobic, too.

Apparently the man she continuously attacked wasn't heterosexual, and the cake fiasco got under her skin so much she took it upon herself to write him a homophobic letter.

Does she really have nothing better to do with her time?! 

Thankfully, the man has a better sense of humor — and baking skills — than most of us would in this situation and sent her another *sweet* message.

His friend added, "[The letter] must have triggered the embrace of his newfound, externally-imposed heritage enough to craft this beauty, which he placed in her mailbox."


That's how it's done!

Unfortunately, this man had to endure hatred and harassment because of what he looks like and who he loves, which is something NO ONE should have to deal with. We're amazed and impressed he was able to handle the situation with such humor.