Far-right conservative news network Breitbart got what it deserved this week when Twitter got ahold of the scandalous image the site used to inaccurately characterize the young people protected by former president Barack Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

In the wake of the news of that the White House is rescinding the program that allowed undocumented immigrants who were brought into this country when they were children get jobs and go to school without fear of deportation, Breitbart used an old photo of members of the MS-13 gang to promote a new story about the "staggering" crime rate among DACA recipients.

breitbart daca
photo: Getty

It was taken in El Salvador back in 2013, and according to the caption on Getty Images, this photo was shot while they were designating an area of San Salvador "as a peace district."

It was fear-mongering at its grossest when you consider this picture has NOTHING to do with DREAMers. Twitter user @_Almaqah put Breitbart on blast with screenshots that exposed its racist tactic.

On top of using an irrelevant image, there is nothing "staggering" about the 2,139 DACA recipients who have been convicted or accused of crimes in the article. That's less than 0.3 percent of the approximately 800,000 people currently enrolled in DACA. 

The number is even less impressive when you consider that Breitbart made the reach of the century by including people who have simply been accused of crimes. They haven't even been convicted!

The tweet spread like wildfire. Countless people joined in to express how disgusted they were by Breitbart's actions, and flamed it accordingly.

Breitbart definitely felt the heat because it ended up changing the misleading image to a close-up of someone getting handcuffed.

But luckily, the internet is forever — and the screenshots will live on to prove just how low Breitbart will stoop to stoke the flames of its base's hate.