The beauty of connecting with someone from your culture is that you can count on them to mirror your experiences — even if they're a complete stranger! 

Enter YouTuber Arlyne Sanjines, whose video "Hilarious Struggles of Being Mexican-American" is far too real for many Chicanas, and perhaps even some Latinxs. 

For instance: That moment when you kickstart a healthier lifestyle but forgot that an elotero is outside.

Seeing an elotero is just like Christmas morning: magical. 

Or having to know ghost stories from both culturas — like the Bogeyman and El Cucuy.

Even though El Cucuy is 10 times more terrifying, tbh.

You cannot deny the pain of trying to sleep in on a Saturday morning, only to hear your mami blaring her ranchera music and yelling at you to get up and clean the whole house.

There's no such thing as being able to have a late start on the weekends if you live at home with your mami. 

Of course everything tastes better with a little bit of tajín, limón, and Valentina hot sauce.

Fruits without these three ingredients are boring. 

Let's also take a moment to point out the continuous struggle of using limón or lima when we're talking about limes and lemons — it's honestly so confusing.

You also know the beauty of being able to shut up a crying child when you sing them a lullaby in English and Spanish.

The Spanish version always seems to work a little better.

Finally, let's not forget the power of Vicks VapoRub being able to cure any and all sicknesses.

It's the holy grail item that every Chicana has in her closet or bedside table. 

If you want to laugh 'til you cry, watch the full video below.