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After an exhausting fall semester and finals that felt like they would never end, winter break is finally here. What’s a girl to do after a semester of classes, parties, and all-nighters? Sleep. Sleep for hours, for days even, make up for every second of sleep that slipped away from you this semester. While this sounds like a marvelous way to spend break, believe it or not, it gets old. After your fifth day of being in the same pajamas, lying in bed all day and somehow managing to binge-watch Jessica Jones in a day, you start to notice a void in your life. This comes from a lack of mental stimulation, social interaction, and eating arepas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — which isn’t exactly a well balanced diet. Giving yourself a reason to get out of bed is the best way stop feeling lethargic and get back into a healthy routine.

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The best way to beat winter break boredom is with activities! Do something you’ve been meaning to do but never have time for during the semester. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. The possibilities are endless and you have to make every moment count, because before you know it, the spring semester will be here and you don’t wanna regret spending your entire break being a perezosa.



Probably one of the best forms of exercise you can do, yoga is great for you mind, body, and soul. What better way to destress from a long semester than with stretching and meditation?


Start a project


Remember all of those cute DIY projects you pinned and told yourself you’d attempt one day? Today is that day. Pick a fun project, grab some supplies, and get crafty!


Painting class


Let out your inner artist and sign up for a painting class! Invite your squad to make a night out of it and go to a BYOB painting class. There’s a lot of great deals you can find on Groupon or LivingSocial.

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Have a stack of books you’ve been dying to read but never have the time during the semester? This is the time to curl up with your Kindle or latest Barnes & Noble purchase and immerse yourself in a good novel.


Go on a trip


Feeling a little spontaneous? Check out a few travel websites for cheap last minute deals and go on a trip! Ask a friend or family member to embark on this impromptu getaway with you for a winter break you’ll never forget.


Get organized


This might not sound like the most exciting thing to do over winter break, but future you will thank yourself. Utilize the space in your room more efficiently be reorganizing it, clean out your computer or email so you can access the important stuff more easily, buy a planner or figure out a calendar system that works for you so you can start the new year on the right track.