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"Coming out" of the proverbial closet within the LGBTQ community is different for every single person. While some may have a positive experience talking to their friends and family about their identity and sexual preferences, others may face the complete opposite. Though the conversations surrounding LGBTQ communities and their rights continue to pick up speed in 2016, it doesn't mean that it makes it any easier for people to vocalize that they're not a heterosexual cisgender male/female — what is considered the "norm." A new survey from, "LGBTQ in America," found that it can take even longer for certain people within the LGBTQ community to come out compared to others — transgender women wait an average of two years longer than other people in the LGBTQ community. 

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In a recent Ask Reddit forum, users were asked to share their coming-out stories and how their parents reacted. Some stories are serious, while others share the support they received, but all-in-all they are eye-opening to what LBGTQ people face within their own households. As June is approaching—  LGBTQ Pride Month — we thought we'd share some of the honest stories that people bravely spoke up about. 


Reddit user: VivaVideri

"'We know. No more sleepovers.' I was 17."


Reddit user: TerracottaSoldier

"Mom told the whole family and asked for advice, told me she still accepts me and loves me and we both cried a bit. My dad and I did not talk about it, he just gave me some extra allowance money... yes, just like the South Park episode."


Reddit user: kernowkernow

"Me: 'Mum, Dad, I'm gay.'

Awkward silence.

Mum: 'You know we will still want grandchildren.'"

Reddit user: smashadages

"Kicked me out. No more financial support. That was their dumb move as before that they could manipulate me with money.

Our relationship improved after they couldn't manipulate me anymore. I had a job and moved in with my girlfriend and was happier than is ever been. Planning on proposing to her this summer.

Also my parents have done a 180 since then. My mom texts my girlfriend instead of me, dad invited us and gf's family up to the lakehouse this weekend, etc. They even offered to pay for our wedding should we get married."


Reddit user: salacioussalamanders

"Pretty chill. I panicked, but swallowed my fear and told them I was lesbian. My dad was like, '...and?' My mom needed a little time to get adjusted, and I had to cancel my language exchange in Russia, but overall pretty good."


Reddit user: TheyKnowThatICanFuck

"I'm 31 and I've only been out to my parents for a little over a year. They were the last to be told, but of course, not the last to know. They told me they've known for quite some time. They were a little upset that I didn't tell them for so long and I felt bad. But they are very supportive and love my girlfriend. I'm a very fortunate human."


Reddit user: AsAGayJewishDemocrat

"My mom didn't believe me, thinking I was trolling her to see what they would do if I really was gay. She continued to not believe me for six months, even after I started dating someone.

My dad said, 'Duh.'"


Reddit user: Claw-D-Uh

"My mom is homophobic denied it still does to this day. (If the subject comes up she'll just say EW and change the subject. ) My father ignores it

My step mom was and still is very supportive though."


Reddit user: Magicguy226

"I wrote this long, serious letter to my mom from college about everything. I called her the same day I mailed it and told her over the phone. I was kind of beating around the bush and she finally said, 'So, you're telling me you're gay? I've known that for years. Your father and I both knew. So, what else is going on?' And it's been a non-issue ever since. She celebrates my loves and consoles my heartbreaks. I couldn't ask for better."


Reddit user: Shycollegeslut

"I came out to my mom when I was 16. I wouldn't have told her because she has a history of saying homophobic comments, but my ex basically told her that I had something to tell her, in the middle of us fighting. I am a shit liar so I told her I was bisexual and she literally told me that I'm the spawn of satan. Like wtf!?

She still hates it. But I moved away (far away) and visit occasionally, we talk on the phone. But I keep my space and I don't bring up anything to do with gay people. Or else I get bombarded with sin related Christian garbage. I get told I'm disgusting, etc."


Reddit user: rua11716

"Well, they didn't kick me out, that's as much good as I can give them credit for. They did send me to mormon-therapy to try and de-gay me, so that was one bad thing."