"Orange is the New Black" star Danielle Brooks is not letting Dove's offensive ad get away without her insight.

Brooks penned a letter titled "Did Dove Just Call Me Dirty?" for Lenny in response to the company's tone-deaf advertisement.

Just days ago, Dove released a racially insensitive ad, which equated Black women to dirtiness by showing a Black woman taking off a brown shirt, only to become a white woman in a pale shirt.

The actress, like many others, jumped at the opportunity to express her anger with the ad.

"Scrub your knees. Don't forget your elbows. Use more soap," Brooks began the letter.

The 28-year-old explained that she was raised to love her body and to not see her skin color as "dirty." The world, however, has a different agenda.

She wrote that there's a "vicious monster" determined to make "little black and brown children" feel as though their skin color is less important in the world. 

"You're telling me my skin, the deep, rich melanin that I was born with and cannot change, is filthy. Got it," she said.

The actress acknowledged that the company took ownership of its mistake, but pointed out that it was too little, too late, despite being part of one of Dove's campaigns in the past. 

However, she did end up thanking the company.

She wrote, "Thank you for reminding me that the whispering monster still lives, that it has not been vanquished."

DB, we're here for you and your #BlackGirlMagic.

You can read her whole piece at Lenny.