Director and actor Diego Luna is swelling our hearts once again with a new commercial. 

Luna directed the two-minute-long spot for Jarritos, the beloved Mexican soft drink. "The Journey" is a beautiful short film that exposes what so many immigrants in the United States have endured.

The ad starts with Luna showing migrants walking through the dusty hills of Mexico. "This journey is not new, and it's not mine alone," the narrator begins.

You have no soul if that doesn't immediately make you burst into tears.

The commercial also shows European immigrants arriving to the US

The commercial wonderfully displays the commonality of our journey as immigrants — no matter when you arrived in America. Diego Luna said the ad shows how these struggles unite immigrants simply yearning for a better life.

"With these untold stories, our team aspired to bring real people and real moments together," he said in a press statement. "We wanted to create a compelling cinematic experience that celebrates the authenticity, warmth, and hope of our collective journey."

Luis Fernandez, CEO of Novamex, Jarritos brand owner, said the ad depicts what countless generations have endured to be in America.

"As a brand with firm roots in Mexico and completely embraced by the United States, we too are immigrants and we know the journey all too well," Fernandez said in a press statement. "Our intention was to thank our consumers and celebrate the beauty of that journey, the sacrifices of previous generations, and the inherent diversity of the United States."

This isn't the first Luna's brought us to tears: Earlier this year, he directed a commercial for a Mexican food brand. They released the emotional video on Mother's Day.

The heartthrob thespian has taken on more serious directorial gigs after his award-winning breakout indie film "Y Tu Mamá También."

In 2014, Luna directed a biopic of labor organizer and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez. Diego discussed the importance of directing "Chavez" in an interview with Times Talks. 

"I've gone across that border many times, my son was born in the United States he is also a Mexican-American with the two passports," Diego said. "So with this movie I want to bring that community and its neighbors closer together."

Luna is a storyteller who focuses on what's important to Latinos — and that's why we appreciate his voice, and this commercial, so much.

Watch the tearjerking commercial below: