We could all learn a thing or two from kids when it comes to showing compassion for others.

The story of one girl comforting another girl by speaking Spanish is proof that there's good left in this world. It's the epitome of Black and Brown girl magic.

Joseph Arrington's bilingual daughter was able to make a girl, who didn't speak English, feel relaxed while they were flying — and they instantly became friends. He shared the beautiful moment on Facebook and wrote, 

"The stewardess came and asked 'Who knows how to speak Spanish?'...because this girl was crying on the plane by herself and didn't speak English...my baby said I DO...and sat with her the whole ride talking to each other...now they're best friends...proud father of a smart daughter... She's fluent in Spanish by the way."

The inspiring, emotional post touched so many people that it has already been shared over 8,000 times.

The response to the story has been overwhelmingly positive, with hundreds of comments praising the girl and her parents.

One person wrote, "I CANNOT APPLAUD YOU ENOUGH!!! As a medical interpreter I cannot begin to tell you how much it can appease a nervous mind/heart to have someone who speaks your language and actually can UNDERSTAND you. Your daughter made such a huge impact, and you sir made an impact as well by teaching her compassion as well as a second language! Not only is she fluent in Spanish now, she is fluent in kindness!"

"Not all sheroes wear capes!" another comment read. 

People also can't stop pointing out how perfect Arrington's daughter's shirt was for the occasion.

Her shirt reads, "I got this."

Yes. Yes, you do!

These two girls give us hope for the future.

And they're a reminder that humanity is about breaking down barriers and creating connections with one another.

We're sure this is a flight that they'll never forget.